Acura MDX Navigation DVD Update 2014

The Acura MDX SUV - GPS Map UpdatesOwners of Acura MDX SUVs who have the on-board Acura MDX Navigation System should be aware that the all-new Acura Navigation DVD for 2014 has now been released and contains all the updated routes and directions you will need for the following 12 months.  Any road or network changes that have occurred since you bought the vehicle or last updated your Acura Navi maps will be included in this latest navigation disc.

Acura Navigation System Update for 2014

You can find the cheapest prices on Acura MDX Navigation Discs by clicking on the banner below which will take you to the official map update website.

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Why Buy the New Acura MDX Navigation DVD?

The new Acura Navi updates will includes all changes to the road networks, plus come bundled up with millions of Points of Interest files and business addresses.  Not only that, but by using your Acura MDX dashboard navigation you will actually save money in the long-term due to the GPS device routing you the most efficient ways.  More information on this and some figures can be seen on the homepage of this website.

Which Acura Navigation DVD is Best for You?

Depending on the year of manufacture, your MDX will need to update with one of the following new Acura MDX Navigation DVD update discs.  All are available to purchase today and there are current price promotions on the official website – so click the links in this article now to see the cheapest deals on the MDX Navi discs.

Acura MDX Year

Acura DVD Disc Version

2001 Black DVD Map Update v2.90
2002 { }
2003 Orange DVD Map Update v3.B0
2004 { }
2005 White DVD Map Update for 2005 MDX v4.A2
2006 White DVD Map Update v4.B1
2007 { }
2008 { }
2009 { }
2010 { }
2011 { }
2012 { }

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History of the Acura MDX Navigation System

The Acura MDX SUV was first released in 2001 and is designed to accommodate for 7 people.  This four-wheel drive vehicle has a 5-speed automatic transmission and is one of the best-selling SUVs in the United States.

The Acura Navigation System first came to prominence in the 2002 models which combined satellite and personal navigation with a DVD player and could be ordered as an optional-extra in these years.  The in-dashboard navi comes with a rear-view video camera since 2003 and from 2005 onwards the Acura MDX GPS device also came bundled with points of interest including restaurant listing supplied by the Zagat Company.

Acura MDX Navigation Updates for the Dashboard

The second-generation of Acura MDX vehicles and the 2007 MD-X Concept model were unveiled at the 2006 New York International Auto Show and were made available to the public to buy later that year.  The new MDX model was re-designed based on Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure to make it withstand collisions better.  This new Acura MDX is now Acura’s best-selling model in the United States, over-taking the TL model for popularity.

There are a number of different optional packages available from 2007 to 2009.  The one relevant to this website is the Acura Technology Package which includes the Alpine DVD-based satellite GPS navigation system.  This comes with real-time traffic reporting and rear-view camera.  In order to update the Acura Navi maps you will need to purchase an Acura MDX Navigation Disc, the link to the cheapest prices can be found below.

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Acura MDX Navigation Torrent

Despite what you might see on the Internet, it’s worthless trying to download an Acura MDX torrent file or install a hacked navigation DVD.  You will need your own customer authentication code, and these come individually printed on the disc’s packaging.  By attempting to install hacked software you could end up compromising and damaging your Acura Navigation System beyond repair.

Updating Maps on Different Brands with a HERE DVD

Acura map updates are provide by HERE who are the World leaders when it comes to digital GPS mapping.  If you don’t drive an Acura but still need to update your navigation system then I can recommend this website which specializes in finding and displaying the lowest prices for customers who want to Buy HERE Maps online.  There are many different car brands represented on this GPS Navigation DVD website including Honda, Acura, Chrysler, Nissan, please even details on the Garmin range of standalone products… well worth a look!